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The John Cappas Story

Tall Money - The John Cappas Story
The John Cappas Story

John Cappas' story has its highs and its lows, much like a ladder. Ironically enough, the story begins at the base of a ladder leaned up against his two-story home in 1968 Olympia Fields. Cappas' uncle Frank had been making repairs on the roof while a 2 year old John Cappas was playing outside in the yard. Without a moments notice his aunt Denise hears a tapping on second story window and to her surprise and horror she sees that John had climbed all the way up his uncle's 30 foot ladder. "I still wonder today", says Cappas, "how did I have the balls to climb that ladder?" It was clear at a very young age the type of character John Cappas had and what would eventually cause him to do a complete 180 degree turn in his life. "That's the day my family knew I wasn't afraid of anything."

Cappas's story is a long one with many twists and turns along the way. It began with Cappas being slowly lured into the drug dealing world by his background as a 1st degree black belt in Tae-kwon-do, wrestling and boxing. The lure of easy money and frustrations as a kid without money began his criminal enterprise. Looking up to the wrong lifestyle and the wrong people, such as gangsters, would eventually earn him a 45 year sentence and stay at the toughest penitentiary in the United States — USP Lewisburg.

It is only when he saw a life taken violently by the hands of someone else that he finally woke up. He began reading law books and studying criminal cases. His research eventually won two appeals. He assisted his lawyers in the 1st appeal , and discovered the argument that won his 2nd appeal-which ultimately reduced his 45 year sentence down to 19 years!

His quest for knowledge and understanding didn't end there. Cappas went on to earn a Bachelor's of Science and a double major in Business Psychology. He also earned a Culinary Arts Degree and later graduated first in his class and went on to earn the title of Chef Instructor. He continues to use what he's learned during his time of self-awarness and change to this day. He is an advocate for helping steer troubled youths away from the same harmful lifestyle he once led.

After his release from the federal penitentiary system in 2004, John Cappas has redirected his energies into the automobile business. He currently works for United Fuel Savers, a green company that utilizes alternative hydrogen fuel technology designed for trucks to increase mileage and reduce exhaust emissions. As a writer and speaker, Cappas juggles a full schedule of motivational lectures for youth groups, numerous juvenile halls, and state youth authority institutions, as well as private organizations dedicated to combating drug and gang activity among youth in the Chicago area. During his spare time, Cappas maintains his interest in the martial arts and gourmet cooking.

John is currently putting together his memoirs or an upcoming book. In it he will finally tell his story from the inside, from his days on the streets, to his conviction, to his time served to his redemption. He is eager to tell his story so that young people can see the alternative to taking the criminal route.