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The John Cappas Story

Tall Money - The John Cappas Story
Making A Difference

John Cappas has spent many years learning from his mistakes. His dedication and determination to self-education and preservation is one of the main reasons why he reduced his own 45 year prison sentence to a mere 19 years after two appeals. Since his release in 2004, he has vowed to make it one of his primary goals to help others prosper and find their true path in life.

John Cappas' life experiences and unique character play an important role in many different areas of life, from schools, to prisons, to business, etc.

As a troubled youth himself who once was lured down the wrong path, Cappas makes it his mission to help steer troubled children down the right path, so they do not end up making the same mistakes he did. The realism of Cappas' story relates to children who will see Cappas a character that unfortunately many children admire these days. Through this grasp of attention, Cappas is able to keep their interest so that he can guide them to stop idolizing gangsters and drug dealers and start looking within for their answers. Cappas is someone who has lived on both sides of the fence and is a living example that money, fame and drugs never last in the long run.

As a former prisoner himself, Cappas is well versed in the life of an inmate and the struggle he may face upon release into the community. Cappas hopes to help inmates surpass their bitterness against society and help them help themselves through his own story. He teaches inmates to take responsibility for their actions and utilize their minds as their only and most powerful weapon.

Business & Marketplace
Through the adversity that Cappas has faced and overcome he has become a stronger person, but had it not been for his determination and business-minded personality he would still be serving time in a maximum security penitentiary to this day. When no one else would go to the business seminars, John Cappas was the one to step up and strive towards perfecting himself. He taught himself to climb the ladder quickly through utilizing a variety of sources. He capitalized on his strong points and made sure he was well rounded in all areas of his business. His major in Psychology helps him read and understand his customers on a deeper level. This kind of work ethic and dedication is key in the business world today. Cappas is a living example of heights one can achieve through knowledge and application of that knowledge. As a business man and entrepreneur himself he hopes to help others achieve their goals and dreams in the business marketplace.